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A life long learning experience.

My believe is that every business and person has the power to reach their full potential.

Are you ready? Learn more about me and let me understand your needs. Synergies works better when minds complements each other.

Learn below the services I can provide to you.

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Leadership Evolution

Exceptional Mentorship

Through LAE Synergies leadership services, we lift the power of you and your abilities to lead the others. Based on concepts of Servant Leadership, the program is defined to suit your needs.


Strategic Advisory

Knowlegde & Wisdom

Whatever your expectations, LAE Synergies is here to exceed them. Take advantage of years of experience in the Industry to learn good practices, understand future challenges and lay down your plans from strategy to outstanding results.



The Power of Learning

LAE Synergies clients deserve the best. The best standards, the best staff, and the best features. Learning is a long life experience. We teach our concepts and support the implementation. There is nothing that can't be learned.

My purpose in Life

"I live to influence and educate people in an inspirational world of opportunities."

I am an international executive with more than 25 years of experience. In those years I have also invested in further education and became a board member, a digital transformation leader and a business model innovator.

Working worldwide in companies like Mercedes-Benz and Vestas, I learn the power of diversity and inclusion by living in 9 different countries.

There is more to learn about me. Just get in touch and I would love to explain the details.

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Purpose & Care matters

I will help you to bring meaning to your vision, mission and make sure all parts get involved,
internally, externally and diagonally.

Corporate building & interactions

A functional and authentic enterprise

Ensure that their business is internally and externally coherent and congruent, through the effective integration of all business systems and processes with other stakeholders: whether they be individuals, corporate partners or statutory bodies.

Organization strategist & futurist

Build a sustainable future

Bringing vision, passion and purpose to the leadership team, the CPO will be at the forefront of shaping the organisational transformation that is still needed to achieve a sustainable and successful future.

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The D+ESG+I® Model

The beginning of your Sustainability Journey

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Sucessfull Experience

Skills & Abilities

I believe in partnerships, not transactions. With this approach, LAE Synergies works tirelessly to ensure that all clients get the proper tools and strategies for growth that their business needs.

The list below gives a glimpse how my company can help you.

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Leadership Growth

CEO Mentor & Peer advisor group Leader
Establishing the Purpose, vision & values
Creating a Leadership development program
Build the culture of trust
Create a Sustainable mindset

Integration & Evolution

Executing Business & Processes Integration
Dealing with Conflict management
Applying Problem Solving techniques

Operation Excellence

Changing to a Procurement value mindset

Develpoing Cost efficiency projects
Building Quality excellence
Assessing Health and Safety operations

Performing Audits & Conformance checks

Running Continuos improvements projects

ESG Powerhouse

Establishing an ESG Project Office

Running Stakeholder Management

Conducting Risk Management projects

Assessing the Impact and purpose

Defining Framework and metrics

Analysing Data-Decision models

Digital Empowerment

Defining Data governance & Transparency
Establishing a Business Intelligence Center


Identifying Industry trends
Running Innovation projects

Defining a future vision

Identifying New business opportunities

Young Businesswomen


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Occasionally, I get to work with individuals who are both passionate and intelligent in applying their function. Gustavo is such a man with his deep understanding of the challenge at hand.

In this way he became the prime “change master” in bringing modern automotive quality systems to an industry lacking in any such procedures and business maturity. The cultural obstacles were enormous, however by calm persistence, Gustavo systematically pushed through to meet the client’s targets. Gustavo is a true driver of change for good. I recommend you take a very close look.

Tim-Wynne Jones

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